We know that you need accurate and timely financial information to manage your affairs. We also know that you may not have the time or staff to prepare that vital information for your use. We offer three levels of accounting assurance services.


With a compilation, no opinion is expressed on your financial statements. We take your financial information and compile it in financial statement format. This is the lowest level of assurance services, and is most useful for preparing financial statements that describe an entity and its operations. Many of these engagements are for internal (management-use) financial statements.


A review is the next level up from compilations in assurance services. We make inquiries of management regarding the financial statements and apply analytical procedures to see if the statements appear reasonable. Our review report provides limited assurance to the user that we are not aware of adjustments that should be made to the financial statements. This service is appropriate when there is no audit requirement and the user wishes to reduce costs.


An audit, the highest level of assurance, results in the rendering of an opinion on your financial statements. An audit involves examining underlying financial transactions, studying internal controls of your organization, confirming data with third parties, reviewing supporting documentation, and evaluating the accounting principles followed. Our audit report provides reasonable assurance to the user that the financial statements are fairly presented using the basis of accounting stated. This service may be required for certain non-profit organizations and private companies. In addition, financial institutions and grantor organizations and non- management owners may require the positive assurance of an audit. Our staff is also qualified to perform audits under the governmental auditing standards, or the “Yellow Book,” and they are also qualified to perform Single Audits if required.

Quality of Our Service

We have a Peer Review of our quality control system every three years as required by our professional standards. This review is conducted by an independent CPA firm in conformity with standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and a report is issued. All Peer Review have expressed a “pass” opinion that our practice meets the quality control standards established by the AICPA.

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