Our Commitment to Your Data Security

We take our role as your tax professional and trusted advisor seriously. Because we are entrusted with your confidential information, we are taking further steps to implement security measures to ensure your personally identifiable data is more secure than ever.

Over the next few months, you may see some changes to the way our firm does business and handles your private information. Some changes will happen behind the scenes, and some may impact our day-to-day client interactions. Some of the impacts you may see are—

  • further identification challenges, in the form of identity verification for digital signature;
  • required use of stronger or complex passwords on emailed documents;
  • required encrypted portal use rather than direct email of digital documents;
  • two-factor authentication procedures;
  • stronger spam filters and firewalls on our email communications; and
  • follow-up phone calls from staff when unexpected communications are received.

Please note that these cybersecurity steps are not taken lightly. We understand that there may be some inconvenience on both your and our side of the transaction. Your digital security and safety are a large part of our duty as your advisor and we want to be diligent in our service.

You can help protect your financial and other personally identifiable information by taking the following steps:

  1. Secure your devices with antivirus software and keep it up to date.
  2. Use different passwords for different accounts.
  3. Do not use public WiFi for personal banking or other sensitive business.
  4. Never open attachments you were not expecting; call and confirm with the sender.
  5. Never share your personal information with unsecure websites.
  6. Only download and install information from known and trusted websites.

We look forward to our continued relationship. If you have any questions, please contact our office.

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